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Question 1: What are the 1:World device requirements?

For new Grade 3 - 7 learners, The minimum requirement for new learners as of the 2020-21 school year is any iPad Pro, iPad 5th Generation, iPad Mini 4 or iPad Air 2. However, we recommend that families purchase the latest generation iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad or iPad Mini as we expect these devices to have the maximum usable life. All four models will meet the learning expectations at AIS-R and we recommend that families choose the model that best fits their child's needs. We also recommend that families purchase an iPad with at least 64GB of storage to provide ample space to download apps and store student learning. A case and keyboard are required for all learner iPads.

Learners in grades 8 - 12 can use any Mac, PC laptop or Chromebook they choose. iPads and other tablets are not acceptable in upper school. We recommend the Macbook (12") or the Macbook Air (either 11" or 13") as they are lightweight and durable models available in Riyadh.

Question 2: Are there any additional hardware requirements for devices?

All iPads require a protective case and keyboard. Please ensure that the case covers the entire iPad.

Question 3: What apps need to be installed on the iPad?

Our 1:World Handbook has a list of core apps that are required for grade 3-7 learners at AIS-R. In addition we require 3 paid apps that can also be found on this list. Please regularly check to ensure that these apps are up to date.

Question 4: How will students learn to use the device and apps?

All lower school learners complete the R.E.C. (Respect, Ethics, Collaboration) program. This program is completed at the beginning of each year and then revisited throughout the year. For more information on our R.E.C. program please see the 1:World Handbook.

In addition, all learners from KG2 through Grade 12 learn about Digital Citizenship through our Digital Citizenship Plan. This plan incorporates materials from the Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship Curriculum and through the REC and CALM programs developed at AIS-R.

Question 5: Are there any device setup requirements?

If you choose to enable restrictions on the device please ensure that the following two websites are whitelisted.

At AIS-R we require learners to authenticate their device on our network when they first arrive at AIS-R each year before accessing the Internet. When learners arrive to class they need to join the Students SSID and authenticate through these links.

Question 6: How can families best protect their device against loss or damage?

It is the responsibility of the learner to take proper care of their device while at and away from school.

We strongly encourage families to setup a monitoring program for their device. In the case of an iPad/Macbook, families are strongly encouraged to configure “Find my” (works for all Apple devices) which will allow parents to search for and locate the device. In the case of Windows laptops, we recommend learners install the free device tracking application called Prey.

When a device is misplaced on campus the technology office may be able to search the network for its location if it has connected to our network through the portal and if it is still powered on. When a device is lost learners should immediately report the device as missing to either their teacher or respective divisional office so that the school can assist in locating the device.

In the event that a device is damaged, families are responsible for all repairs to student-owned devices unless the damage is a direct result of a purposeful action by another person (determined by AIS-R Administration) in which case that person will be responsible for the cost of repair/replacement.

Question 7: Will learners take their devices home with them?

Yes, learners own the devices, so they are encouraged to carry them to and from school so they can use them at home for extended learning opportunities.

All Grade 3 - 5 classrooms have lockable iPad carts where learners safely store their iPads when not in use. Parents may request to have their child’s iPad remain locked in this storage overnight. A formal request must be made in writing/email to the homeroom teacher. All learners in grades 6-12 have lockers where they can safely store their device. Learners are not allowed to leave their device overnight in their locker.

Question 8: What are some basic iPad functions that I should know about?

Read through the 1:World Handbook. In the section dedicated to Device Setup and Management the handbook has links to resources that will help families set up an Apple ID, configure Family Sharing on an Apple ID and configure ‘Find My’ for Apple Devices.

Question 9: How are new learners enrolled in the 1:World program?

The 1:World Handbook is distributed digitally to all new families that join AIS-R. It contains all relevant information about our 1:World program.

Learners connect to the AIS-R network through the ‘Students’ WiFi connection. When learners first arrive at AIS-R they must authenticate their device through the AIS-R portal using their school username and password before accessing the network. Once authenticated learners have access to the internet which is monitored by a next generation firewall.

Question 10: Is the school using a content filter for Internet browsing?

AIS-R utilizes a next generation firewall which filters content for all users connected to the network.

Question 11: Will there be ongoing education for parents and caregivers?

Yes, we host PTSO coffee mornings, Invitations to Learning and parent learning sessions throughout the year. In addition we write articles in NewsFlash and Mawade’ah. Please read NewsFlash for dates regarding upcoming technology related events.

Question 12: Is there an acceptable use policy (AUP)? Where can I find it?

AIS-R has a Technology Responsible Use Agreement (TRUA) which is located in the 1:World Handbook. The TRUA form is closely aligned with the EAGLE Honor Code. It is distributed and signed by families when they join AIS-R and each year at the beginning of the school year in the elementary school when learners complete the R.E.C. program.

Question 13: What are the school’s disciplinary consequences for inappropriate use?

Learner use of his/her device is a privilege and any violation of school rules, the EAGLE Honor Code or the TRUA (Technology Responsible Use Agreement) may result in one or more of the following consequences:

  • The confiscation of the device
  • The loss of a user’s privileges to use the school’s technology resources
  • The loss of the privilege to bring the device to school

Further consequences may be imposed in accordance with AIS-R disciplinary action.

Question 14: Will learners have email or other accounts?

Beginning in Grade 3 all learners are issued a school owned Google account. This account includes access to Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Calendar and Google Sites. This account remains the property of AIS-R and the school reserves the right to monitor and revoke access if needed. When a learner leaves AIS-R their account will be deactivated with the exception of seniors who will retain access to their account for six months after graduation

Question 15: How and where should devices be stored/cared/monitored for at home?

Families are encouraged to create a Family Media Agreement using the AIS-R Template to develop a healthy media diet outside of school. The template includes access to resources that families can use to create their Family Media Agreement. All family members are encouraged to use/store/charge devices outside of bedrooms in common areas where they can be easily monitored by parents.

Question 16: Will the device need to be connected to the Internet to complete assignments outside of school?

Yes. AIS-R is a blended learning school. In grades Pre-K - grade 6 school teachers/learners use AIS-R Blogs, SeeSaw and Google to check and complete assignments and in grades 7-12 teachers/learners use Moodle, SeeSaw and Google to complete their work.

Question 17: How can I access or view my child(ren)’s digital work?

All AIS-R learners beginning in KG2 have an ePortfolio. In lower school, learners use SeeSaw to document their learning. In the upper school learners use Google Sites. Please speak with your child(ren) or their teacher to see their ePortfolio.

Question 18: Will we have access to the school’s online content outside of the school day?

Yes. Our platforms are available anytime and from anywhere in the world.

Question 19: How can I help support the school with this 1-to-1 program?

We cannot do this without the partnership with our parent community. Your help will be essential in the following ways:

  • Providing the device;
  • Charging the device overnight so it is ready to use for school;
  • Remind learners to bring the device to school every day;
  • Providing a protective case to keep the device from being damaged.
  • Ensuring learners have the proper apps/software required to learn. Please reference the Core App list from the 1:World Handbook;
  • Monitoring the use of the device at home, ensuring learners are using the device appropriately for school work;
  • Using the device in a common area at home, not in a bedroom with the door closed.

Question 20: How will my child tell which iPad is theirs?

In order for learners to be able to quickly and easily identify their own device, we recommend not only that the device have a case (required) but also that parents engrave the iPad with the family name. This can be done at the time of purchase from Apple. If the device is not already engraved, there are services in Riyadh that will engrave the back of the device or parents can also apply a sticky label with the student name. We will also register the device on our system so that the hardware address of the iPad can be tracked while at school.

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