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Loss Prevention and Device Repair

It is the responsibility of the learner to take proper care of their device while at school. In order to help learners, the school will provide a lockable cabinet in grade 3-5 classrooms where learners can leave their iPad when not in use and when they are away from the classroom. In grades 6-12 learners are provided with lockers where their iPads and laptops can be safely stored. The device is registered automatically when it connects to AIS-R’s network. This may allow the technology department to locate the device on campus if it has been misplaced and if it is still powered on.

Family Device Monitoring

In the case of an iPad/Macbook, families are strongly encouraged to configure “Find my” (works for all Apple devices) which will allow parents to search for and locate the device.

In the case of Windows laptops, we recommend learners install the free device tracking application called Prey.

In the case of either a missing iPad or laptop, if the proper software has been installed, the staff in AIS-R’s Technology Department may be able to assist in using that software to locate missing devices.

Device Repair

In the event that a device is damaged, families are responsible for all repairs to learner-owned devices unless the damage is a direct result of a purposeful action by another person (determined by AIS-R Administration) in which case that person will be responsible for the cost of repair/replacement. The Technology office is available to help troubleshoot issues with learner-owned devices but if the item requires repair we will direct the family to an outside vendor.

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