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Device Requirements

Why has AIS-R chosen iPads as the device in grades 3-7?

AIS-R has selected iPads for students in grades 3-7 for these reasons:

  1. Battery life: iPads have excellent battery life and should last all day without charging;
  2. Portability: iPads are light and compact and fit easily in student backpacks without adding significant weight or bulk;
  3. Apps: The App Store offers an abundance of apps for students in the education category and most are free;
  4. Availability: iPads are readily available in Riyadh, they can be easily repaired locally and many of our students already have one at home;
  5. Productivity: iPads allow students to communicate, collaborate, research, write, publish, make movies, post to their blogs, draw, read and practice their math skills.
  6. Creativity: iPads provide students with a variety of opportunities to demonstrate and take ownership of their learning.

iPad requirements grades 3-7

  • The minimum requirement for new learners as of the 2020-21 school year is any iPad Pro, iPad 5th Generation, iPad Mini 4 or iPad Air 2. However, we recommend that families purchase the latest generation iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad or iPad Mini as we expect these devices to have the maximum usable life. All four models will meet the learning expectations at AIS-R and we recommend that families choose the model that best fits their child's needs. We also recommend that families purchase an iPad with at least 64GB of storage to provide ample space to download apps and store student learning.
  • A case is required for all iPads.
  • All learners must also bring a keyboard; there are many good keyboard cases available, such as those recommended here.

Why have we chosen laptops for Grade 8-12 students?

When students begin high school, the amount of writing, typing and online research they need to do increases. While iPads can do most things students will need to do in upper school, a laptop is more conducive to the learning platforms and assignments utilized in the upper school. To prepare for upper school and to ease student transition, we ask students to bring a laptop beginning in grade 8.

What kind of laptop is required in Grades 8 - 12?

Students can use any Mac, PC laptop or Chromebook they choose. iPads and other tablets are not acceptable in high school. We recommend the Macbook Air (13") as it is lightweight and durable and readily available in Riyadh.

Any lightweight PC is appropriate for high school students. Jarir bookstore has a wide selection.

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